A World of Imagination

At Popzle we are passionate about promoting creativity, developing imagination and engaging children in a world of inventive and educational play.

We have created a range of characters from Olly & Olivia Owl to Cassie Cow, Tommy Turtle and many more, which can remain part of your lives, to have fun with and rebuild time and time again.

Popzle is a world of imagination for children and adults alike. It is fun, it is engaging, it is creative, it is learning. Who needs computers and phones when Popzle can give you endless hours of enjoyment!

About Me

Hi – I’m Amy. I live in Greystones, Wicklow in Ireland with my husband John, our two kids Bobby and Beth and our bouncy dog, Buster.

I have spent the last 10 years working in packaging, supply chain and marketing roles in different multinational companies. I have a degree in Product Design, and Diplomas in Packaging, and in Graphic Design.

In 2015 I felt ready to take the plunge and fulfil my dream of developing and producing a series of gift cards with a difference. In August, after a lot of hard work, Popzle came to life with my first collection of 3D activity cards.

Using paperboard materials with shapes that pop out and slot into each other, I created a fun collection of characters that come to life when assembled. They’re great to keep, or to make over and over again.

I put a lot of emphasis on there being ‘no mess’ so that the cards are suitable while out and about keeping children entertained, or even for an activity on a wet Sunday afternoon.

I have had such fun watching these little characters come to life, and observing my own children (and husband!) assembling, playing and learning with them. I can’t wait to get stuck into the next set of Popzles. The cards are only the beginning so keep your eyes peeled for more characters, creativity packs and mobiles.

I hope you enjoy my Popzles,